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Using Sterling Hundley’s Ideation Process (Part 1)

Over the course of the past week I have been creating an illustration for New York Writers Resources‘ upcoming fundraiser.   What a great opportunity! Getting to make a piece for such an awesome non profit, AND the event is at Lincoln Center?  I’m pretty happy about it.

Since the concept was pretty different for me,  I decided to take the opportunity to try out Sterling Hundley’s Ideation Technique mentioned in a previous post and thought I’d share my results with you.

After reading and researching the copy given to me by NYWR, the words I boiled it down to were: Comedy, Lincoln Center, New York Writers Resource, Fun and Fundraiser. I sketched my ideas out from the word stacks very roughly. I also added a Pencil to the list of images as that’s NYWR’s logo.

At this point, I also did a lot of photo research… which led me into a bit of a trap. I’m a collage nut and and I found some pretty amazing old typewriter images, which i fell in love with and just HAD to use.

FYI: The crowd images in each version are not my illos. Just acting as a placeholder until I get to drawing them in.

I may at some point use them still, but you can see in draft #1 (below) how I got too attached.  The overall feeling of the event as well as key info is lost to the textures.

I ended up scrapping this version. I may to incorporate it into the event program instead. But as it stands its just too busy and hard to read.

Stay tuned for more in an upcoming post.

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